Mrs. Payan’s School offers an individualized approach to each child’s education, using Montessori methods and other strategies to help them reach their full potential. The small group size and family setting are core strengths of the program.


Maria Montessori believed that a preschool should be a home away from home. At our Montessori family child care home, we share that conviction. We believe preschool should be a transition from home to elementary school, not just an immersion of the child in a large group of young children.


At our school, children join a small group in which teachers and students interact closely. The child’s first school experience is like widening their own family – adding just enough diversity to enrich it, while never feeling threatening.


Our small group setting allows for ample time with the teacher, which strengthens the academic foundation and promotes future success. It also allows the teacher to be constantly aware of group dynamics. She can monitor the interactions between children and redirect activities when necessary. Children are often loving, respectful and helpful with each other, but other times they need firm guidance on how to properly behave in group.

 “All we need to know we learned in preschool…”

The old adage is right: the preschool experience lays the foundation for our children’s lives in school and in society. At this young age, a child is pure, vulnerable, and highly impressionable. Our school gives students the chance to develop strong self-esteem, to lead and be led, to work independently or in a group, and to be protected if needed.

These are precious years, so let’s treat them like gems!

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Affiliated to the American Montessori Society (AMS)
Licensed by the Florida Department of Children and Families Certificate Number L11MD0078