We follow the Miami-Dade County Public Schools calendar during the school year, and offer a six-week summer camp (see calendar).


Note parents must send a nutritious meal from home. Healthy snacks will be provided.


We believe in positive reinforcement of good behavior and the teaching of self discipline. However, should a child be disruptive to the rest of the group, he or she will be asked to change the negative behavior to a productive one and a change of activity will be suggested. If the child persists in his/her action, he/she will be invited to take some time out to observe his peers’ productive behavior and decide to come back to the group’s activity when he/she is ready to join in. Disruptive behavior will be discussed with the parents in all cases.



Registration and Materials Fee
Tuition – payable quarterly or annually
Rates are competitive, contact Mrs. Payan for details:

Tuition & fees are non-refundable and payable upon enrollment.
Quarterly tuition payment is expected within the first five days of the first month in each quarter (3 installments).
A late fee will apply to payments received after the due date.


We ask that parents keep emergency contact information up to date. If a child is in need of immediate medical attention 911 will be called. The parent will always be notified immediately and all emergencies will be recorded.


Affiliated to the American Montessori Society (AMS)
Licensed by the Florida Department of Children and Families Certificate Number L11MD0078